July 2021 Development Update from Storj

Brandon Iglesias
July 6, 2021

Hello Everyone! We hope you are having a great summer so far. It's been just over two months since our Storj DCS launch and we are thrilled with what we have been able to accomplish as a team since then. We have encountered some growing pains with our services since our launch. But these pains have forced our team to become more customer-centric and prioritize customer issues until they are fully resolved. 

New for Storj DCS:

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Other new features:

  • Bug fixes and stabilization/scaling work on the Satellites and Gateway MTs. 
  • Improving the Multi Node Dashboard functionality as we continue to bring it up to feature parity with the single node dashboard. 
  • For more information about smaller items we’ve completed last month, please check out these changelogs: v1.31.2.

Upcoming features from our product roadmap: 

  • Improving the Storj DCS customer experience with automatic storage and bandwidth limit increases once a customer adds a payment method to their account. We want to enable our customers to store as much data as needed without having to file a support ticket for higher limits. 
  • Starting to build a feature we call promo codes. This will enable our sales, marketing, and product team to create special promotional coupons that we can send to existing and new customers for storage and egress credits on their Storj DCS accounts. 
  • Continuing to improve the Satellite onboarding experience to better guide our customers through getting set up in the CLI and get started with the Gateway MT so that customers can better find their use case. 

Known issues: 

  • The Gateway MT download performance needs to be further optimized.

For More Information: 

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