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Global cloud storage.
80% less cost

Achieve better storage performance

Get unparalleled security and control

Cut your cloud costs and carbon footprint

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Media & Entertainment
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Backup & Recovery
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Generative AI

Don’t store your data anywhere.
Store it everywhere.

Storing data on a massive, globally distributed network instead of just a few vulnerable data centers provides better security, privacy and durability with CDN-like performance.
How it works
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Get consistent, lightning fast, CDN-like performace globally. Legacy cloud storage simply can't match us.
"Using Storj uplink directly improved our performance by at least 10x."
Profile image of Baris Sayag, Founder and CEO at C0d3r
Baris Saydag
Founder & CEO at C0d3r
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Every file is encrypted, split into pieces, then stored across thousands of nodes globally, helping to prevent breaches, ransomware attacks and downtime.
“Our customers benefit from censor-proof, hack-proof, future-proof media storage.”
Profile image of Bruce Van Zyl, Co-Founder at Tribe Social
Bruce van Zyl
Co-Founder at Tribe Social
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Dramatically reduce your carbon footprint when you switch to the greenest data storage on earth.
"We’re no longer reyling on data centers, and can now leverage a more environmentally friendly model that aligns with our values."
Profile image of Jesus Herrera de la Cruz, Digital Innovation at CYMMIT
Jesus Herrera de la Cruz
Digital Innovation at CYMMIT
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S3 Compatibility
Storj works with the tools you’re already using, and deploys in minutes with drop-in S3 compatibility for simple integration with your stack.
"The onboarding process, dashboarding, and support has been some of the best I’ve seen in the Web3 community."
Profile image of Adam Liposky, Ecosystem Ops at Pocket
Adam Liposky
Ecosystem Ops at Pocket
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Partner with us.
Provide innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, and deliver value to your customers.
Using technology sustainably with leaves and plants
Reduce your carbon footprint.
Dramatically reduce your impact on the environment when you switch to the greener cloud.

Why our customers choose Storj.

The Storj architecture is so flexible I can’t see us ever going back to anything else. For any type of serious application it just makes sense to build it on Storj. Its flexibility lets us easily work with or move to different platforms, or redirect traffic in different ways.
Profile image of Bruce Van Zyl, Co-Founder at Tribe Social
Bruce van Zyl
Co-founder at Tribe Social
Providing safe technology solutions for children also means protecting their data, Gabb Cloud will give both kids and parents alike peace of mind, no matter what might happen to their device.
Profile image of Nate Randall, CEO at Gabb Wireless
Nate Randall
CEO at Gabb Wireless
With Storj, We have the capability, without any retrieving, to do a video preview directly from the media user interface to select a timeframe, where to start timeframe, where to stop, your creation and to do a partial retrieve of your data.
Profile image of Louis-Frederic Laszlo, VP Product Management at Atempo
Louis-Frederic Laszlo
VP Product Management at Atempo
11 Nines

Global storage on the better cloud.

Store data securely on thousands of nodes worldwide instead of just a few vulnerable data centers with privacy and CDN-like performance by design.
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