Transparent pricing.

With Storj DCS, your costs will always be predictable—there are no hidden fees or big surprises on your cloud storage bill, and best of all, it’s really affordable. Try Storj DCS for free today.

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Get 150 GB of free storage and bandwidth. Only pay for what you use beyond that. Great for companies and larger projects.

Storage cost per month*


Bandwidth cost


*Pro Accounts: Additional per-segment fee of $0.0000088 applies.

Only pay for what you use.


80% Less

Save 80% on your cloud storage costs compared to the big cloud providers.



With multi-region functionality built-in, you’ll never pay extra for more availability.


No Minimum

Store as much, or as little data as you need. Never pay for storage you aren't using.


No Lock-in

Move your data around freely without worrying about how much it will impact your bill.

Switch and Save

Storing more than 25TB? You can save at least 80% and minimize TCO when you store on the decentralized cloud. In just five minutes, Taloflow can show you how.

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Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about how Storj DCS can help you store data with better security and privacy with up to 80% less cost.

Cloud Storage Economics

The Storj leadership team breaks down the economics of centralized vs. decentralized storage to show how a decentralized model minimizes costs and maximizes ROI.

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Cost & Economics Report

Learn more about how Storj DCS can help you better balance growing data and shinking budgets through built-in features and transparent pricing.

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PixelExperience Case Study

Read how Storj DCS’ built-in global distribution network helped PixelExperience reduce complexity and scale software distribution at one-tenth the base cost of most object storage providers.

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