Transparent pricing, always.

With Storj DCS, your costs will always be predictable—there are no hidden fees or big surprises on your cloud storage bill, and best of all, it’s really affordable whether you pay with a credit card or using STORJ tokens.* Try Storj DCS for free today.

Standard Plan

Perfect for companies and larger projects.

Storage cost per month


Bandwidth cost





80% Less

Save 80% on your cloud storage costs compared to the big cloud storage providers.



With multi-region functionality built-in, you’ll never pay extra for more availability.


No Lock-in

Move your data around freely without worrying about how much it will impact your bill.

Switching has its rewards

Storing more than 25TB of data? See how much you can save by moving to Storj DCS! Taloflow can show you just how much based on usage patterns, feature set, and what you're paying now. Simply enter your information to get started.

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