Commercial storage providers.

If you have a data center or storage facility with hundreds of TB or PB of storage and bandwidth capacity, Storj can help you more effectively monetize your investment.

Public storage providers.

If you have excess storage hardware and good connectivity in your home or small business, you can monetize your spare capacity by joining the Storj public storage network.

Storage operators love how easy it is to work with Storj.

Storj invests in an active support community with individual providers and develops mutually beneficial relationships with commercial providers.
"Working in collaboration with Storj has been a genuinely rewarding experience. The synergy between our team at CloudIP and Storj has not only been seamless but also highly productive. The professionalism and expertise demonstrated by both their management and technical staff has been exceptional."
Jean-Pierre Brunet

Commercial storage is in high demand.

Storj is growing rapidly with enterprise use, which offers storage facilities the opportunity to achieve a faster ROI.

Businesses that see the highest value fit any of the following criteria.

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Operating enterprise-grade facilities.
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Have one or more compliance-oriented certifications.
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Have large amounts of existing underutilized capacity.
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Have fully depreciated operational hardware that is in storage or offline.
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Have access to low cost storage hardware.

Join the fastest growing storage network.

Apply to join the commercial storage provider program. You’ll get an email reply within a few days to discuss the program details.