How do you plan to use Storj?
Business use
Storj is enterprise-grade and works for businesses of all sizes.
Personal use
If you’re looking for personal storage like a Dropbox, Storj isn’t a fit.
Is your average file size larger than 4MB?
Storj is extremely cost effective for larger file sizes.
Storj works well here too, but the cost will be slightly higher due to the way Storj distribution works.
What regional data locality do you need?
Global presence
Storj distributes data over tens of thousands of storage suppliers globally providing access to any region around the world.
Data sovereignty (data stored in region or country)
If you need data sovereignty or want to limit it to a specific region for improved performance, Storj can do that too.
Do you have specific compliance requirements?
Storj provides a way to select a group of certified storage nodes to meet your SOC, ISO, HIPAA, and GDPR needs.
Storj still provides incredible data protection with end-to-end encryption of both data and metadata by default.
Are you interested in multigigabit performance?
Storj avoids traffic jams by sending object pieces in parallel. This yields fast uploads and downloads across geographies.
Even if speed isn’t a daily need, you can count on Storj for fast downloads for use cases like disaster recovery.
Will you be using Storj with S3 compatible integrations?
Storj has many key platform and data tool integrations. You can search the full list.
You may be interested in the Storj native protocol that has several advantages beyond S3. 
Is there a particular reseller or integrator you want to work with?
Storj has a growing partner network. If you don’t see a particular partner, contact Storj as new partners are added daily. 
You can purchase directly from Storj and start your free trial today.
Do you need or wish to report on ESG initiatives?
Much of Europe already requires companies to report in detail on carbon emissions. Storj has this information built into the product so you can view it any time.
That’s great that you don’t need to report on this yet, but when you, do Storj has these calculations in the product to make your life easier.

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