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High security.

End-to-end encryption of data and metadata so that your datasets are protected.
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Unparalleled resiliency.

Distributed architecture enables 11 9's durability and 99.95% availability.
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Global collaboration.

Share data with consistently high performance worldwide and no multi-region costs.

Innovate faster in AI with on-demand GPUs.

Get on-demand GPUs and scalable storage for AI training and inference at 50% lower cost with no contracts or minimums.
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Customers trust Storj.

Affordably store large volumes of data where global collaboration and security are essential.
"We have a critical requirement of being able to store high-value datasets on a long-term basis in a highly resilient manner. We were impressed with Storj’s out-of-the-box performance in moving large datasets. The excellent download speeds that we observed from locations that were far away from the upload location is valuable to us."
Professor Antonin Portelli
University of Edinburgh

Simple pricing.

Distributing data across tens of thousands of underutilized storage nodes costs less and eliminates the need for multi-region replication.

Plug and play ready.

Get S3-compatible storage that integrates seamlessly with leading industry tools.

Put Storj to the test.

It’s simple to set up and start using Storj. Sign up now to get 25GB free for 30 days.
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