Fast and consistent from anywhere.

Global distribution of file segments on Storj empowers companies to forgo multi-region replication while getting fast and consistent upload and download speeds from any location. And Storj is optimized for large files, making it the fastest object storage for big datasets.

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Lightning-fast storage anywhere in the world.

Storj is a worldwide network of thousands of nodes, meaning your data can be uploaded and downloaded at globally consistent, lightning-fast speeds.

Concurrent Transfers

Multi-threaded concurrent downloads and uploads.

Lightning-Fast Restore

The fastest data restore over any other provider.

Distributed Approach

Our global network ensures low latency and high throughput.


11 9’s of durability and 99.95% availability worldwide.

Parallelism makes it fast.

Multi-threaded concurrent downloads and uploads of a file provide faster performance and better efficiency. Only the fastest subset of the file segments are needed to rebuild the file. Combined with optimization for using less bandwidth, minimizing coordination, and reducing long-tail variance makes Storj incredibly fast for large files.

Consistent across geographies.

In the past, the closer you were to your data, the faster you could access it. Storj has made the proximity of your data completely irrelevant through distribution across our network that includes tens of thousands of nodes in over 100 countries. No multi-region replication is needed to achieve consistent performance in any location which saves you money.  

Storj outperforms AWS S3.

Want reliable performance?

Learn how Storj is faster and more consistent across geographies than AWS S3.

Maximize performance for big data.

Learn what the University of Edinburgh discovered after testing data transfer performance.

Fast, secure, and private.

You can get great performance without sacrificing data protection. Get a deep-dive on 9 encryption capabilities and how Storj compares to AWS S3 for security and privacy.

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