Always available.

Distributed architecture means you always have access to your backups.

Fast recovery.

Pieces of your backups are sent in parallel so you can recover fast from anywhere.

Better protection.

High ransomware resistance with protection for data and metadata standard.

Customers trust Storj.

Store backups where security and data privacy come standard on every file.
“Storj has the security, low cost, and reliability we were looking for. Almost any way you look at it, Storj is a better choice for storing our critical backups, than going to one of the bigger players.”
Alen Peacock
Director of Cloud at Gabb

Simple pricing.

Distributing data across tens of thousands of underutilized storage nodes costs less and eliminates the need for multi-region replication.

Plug and play ready.

Storj has S3 compatibility and technical alliances with backup systems, media management and cybersecurity platforms.

Put Storj to the test.

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MSPs love Storj for backups.

Working with clients who have PII/PHI requires advanced security.
“The more than 300 hospitals that we work with are focused on protecting patients. Our role is to protect their patient data from cyberattacks and ensure their systems run with the performance and reliability they need. Storj's uniquely customizable compliance features, speed and security fit well with our cloud strategy.”
Matt Donahue
CTO at CloudWave

Improved margins.

Distribution provides durability without multi-region setup and added fees.

Simplified setup.

End-to-end encryption is standard and no regional buckets needed.

Added value.

Improve security and performance while lowering carbon footprint.

Self-guided evaluation.

Explore product fit.

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