Fast and easy integration.

Migration to Storj is easy with S3 compatibility so you can quickly benefit from lower costs and carbon intensity plus better performance and security.
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Seamless integration.

Drop-in replacement for AWS S3, great for a variety of use-cases.
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Consistently fast.

Upload and download fast from anywhere without storing multi-region copies.
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Flexible connectivity.

Connect quickly with a hosted S3 gateway or choose self-hosted for more control.  
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Significant savings.

Customers switching from AWS S3 can easily save 80% or more.

No new coding.

The Storj S3 interface supports bucket/key organization, all HTTP verbs including HEAD, byte-range fetches, and multipart uploads.

It’s easy to switch.

The S3 compatibility of Storj makes it fast and simple to save money, reduce carbon, improve performance and extend security.
“Integration was very easy, it was really plug and play. But what has really been surprising is the performance we reach. We have tested Storj in very large and complex configurations and it keeps surpassing our performance expectations.”
Louis-Frederic Laszlo
VP Product Management at Atempo

Simple pricing.

Distributing data across tens of thousands of underutilized storage nodes costs less and eliminates the need for multi-region replication.

Put Storj to the test.

It’s simple to set up and start using Storj. Sign up now to get 25GB free for 30 days.
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