Work efficiently.

Get from set to edit to review to archive fast with high performance anywhere.

Secure access.

End-to-end encryption, high availability and 11 9’s of durability by default.

Collaborate globally.

Fast access to content so multiple editors work at the same time.

Customers trust Storj.

Store media with unparalleled performance and security that's available anywhere in the world at lightning-fast speeds.
“As our clients demand faster turnarounds with higher resolution media, we need to be as efficient and lean as possible. Using Storj has made it easy to integrate with apps like iconik and Adobe Premiere; all while benefiting from the lower costs and phenomenal security of decentralized storage.”
Karl Young
Founder & Executive Producer at VideoCrew

Simple pricing.

Distributing data across tens of thousands of underutilized storage nodes costs less and eliminates the need for multi-region replication.

Plug and play ready.

Get S3-compatible storage with integrations that work for backup, media, and cybersecurity platforms.

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Solutions for system integrators.

Storj partners with top media and entertainment vendors so system integrators can boost margins and deliver value and savings to their customers.
GB Labs is the global leader in Intelligent Media Storage. Nebula, their cloud-based media storage solution, is powered by Storj, to enhance their remote working solution, Unify Hub. Users can now work directly with project files that are always in sync and accessible from anywhere in the world.


Instantly upload footage directly to the cloud.

Asset management.

Organize and manage media assets with better performance.

Collaborative editing.

Edit together in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Transfers and backup.

Quickly back up and transfer large media files with ease.

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