Distributed is better.

Storj transforms unused global storage space into a massive global network, eliminating the need for costly data centers and providing enterprise-level durability and high performance without data replication. Businesses save up to 90% on cloud storage costs and significantly reduce their carbon intensity.

Consistently fast.

With thousands of storage nodes around the world, uploads and downloads are incredibly fast from any location. Storj makes the proximity of your data irrelevant when it comes to speed. No multi-region replication is needed, saving you even more money.

Durability and availability without replication.

Storj reduces the risk of disasters, outages and threats by distributing data over a massive global network. Your data is never in just one place, it’s everywhere with 11 9’s of durability and 99.95% availability.

Secure by default.

Storj automatically encrypts data end-to-end. The distributed architecture further protects your files and metadata so that no one can access them without your explicit permission. Storj customers have complete control over encryption and the ability to provide keys that even Storj cannot access.

Drop-in replacement for AWS S3.

Connect quickly with a hosted S3 gateway or choose self-hosted for more control. Storj also has an extensive network of technical integrations for backup, media workflows and other use cases so you can start benefiting and saving fast.

Better for the planet.

Storj is a much cleaner way to store data. By leveraging underutilized hardware and removing the need to store multiple copies, Storj is significantly better for the environment.

Smart compliance.

Storj Select enables configurable storage node groups that deliver the privacy, control and immutability needed to be a component of a compliant storage solution for frameworks and standards including SOC, HIPAA and GDPR.

Service providers choose Storj too.

Storj allows managed service providers and resellers to grow revenue with differentiated value. Help your customers realize the benefits and significant savings of Storj while increasing your profit margins.

Put Storj to the test.

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