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Get limitless scale.

Storj leverages underutilized capacity in third-party data centers that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Partnering with Storj gives you global reach for your clients.
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Expand PII/PHI clients.

With both data and metadata end-to-end encryption plus the highest durability available, Storj is the preferred choice for healthcare and financial services.
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Offer carbon reduction.

Many companies now have carbon reduction objectives. Storj provides cloud storage that avoids 83% of the carbon used by other cloud providers and reports this in the UI for users.

SIs and VARs are making money with Storj.

With both low cost and differentiated value, resellers are finding it easy to expand revenue.
"Providing a reliable, high-performance cloud storage solution that is an order of magnitude less expensive than existing cloud storage offerings and can do so profitably–that is a total game changer."
Tony Asaro
SVP Strategy and Business Development at Hammerspace

Strong technology alliances.

Storj has S3 compatibility and easily integrates with key backup systems, media management and cybersecurity platforms to meet the data needs of your clients.

Put Storj to the test.

It’s simple to set up and start using Storj. Sign up now to get 25GB free for 30 days.
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Storj adds value for in-demand use cases.

A Storj integration provides your customers with a new way to save money while improving outcomes.
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Active archive.

Transform archives into value with easily accessible storage that is fast and affordable.
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Backup and recovery.

Get the highest security and durability without the cost of added replication.
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Generative AI.

Storing and sharing training data, models and output is fast globally.
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Media workflows.

Improve collaboration and get from set to edit to review to archive fast.

Storj streamlines partner profitability.

Storj is easy to configure and has simple, predictable pricing that makes it easy for partners to grow revenue and improve profit margins. Schedule a quick meeting to discuss partner pricing and benefits.

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