Introducing Storj DCS—Decentralized Cloud Storage for Developers

Paul Ford
April 20, 2021

When we created Tardigrade in 2019, we’d set our sights on curating a unique experience for developers building on top of our decentralized cloud storage technology. Doing this gave us useful insights into developers’ minds, helping us better understand what influenced them in the buying process for cloud storage. 

However, it also created some confusion about the relationship between Storj and Tardigrade. Common questions included: Is Tardigrade a subsidiary of Storj? Is Tardigrade its own company? Is Storj now known as Tardigrade? We’ve been listening to our community and customers and understand you want a decentralized cloud storage experience that is unified and easy. Because of this, we are now rolling our Tardigrade product back under the Storj brand as Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage). 

Along with Storj DCS, we’re also releasing an updated brand mark to go along with the new look and feel of Storj. Our website is also updated, with visitors to being redirected to corresponding pages on 

By bringing Tardigrade back under the wing of Storj and renaming it Storj DCS, we’re able to more clearly communicate what our product is—decentralized cloud storage that uses the STORJ token as an exchange of value across the network. 

There is a growing interest in private, secure, trustless, and decentralized cloud service offerings. Decentralized cloud storage is poised to gain a lot of interest in light of this trend, fueled by data breaches, data centers experiencing disasters and losing data, and unplanned downtime that cripples the entire cloud.  

By naming our product Storj DCS, we aimed to clarify exactly what we do, which is  decentralized cloud storage, where we believe we’re already market leaders and ahead of the curve. Storj DCS is the only decentralized cloud storage offering that delivers: 

  • Enterprise SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Encryption by default
  • Edge-based access management for maximum privacy
  • Performance as good as, or better than, centralized providers
  • An onboarding experience that is simple and compatible with centralized offerings
  • The ability to migrate from centralized providers without running additional software or making major code changes

If the future of the internet is decentralized, it will have a decentralized storage layer. The companies that lead the industry in this space will need to help developers, DevOps professionals, and other cloud storage customers easily migrate from legacy, centralized providers—Storj DCS does exactly that. 

Everything we do is for developers. We’re often asked why we don’t have a Dropbox-like GUI so non-technical customers can upload and download files to Storj DCS. The answer is that by focusing on developers and providing decentralized cloud object storage for their needs, we can enable hundreds of companies to build services like that on top of Storj DCS. We’re singularly focused on making the experience of using Storj DCS simple and easy so we can serve the largest segment of cloud storage. 

We hope you love the new Storj DCS as much as we do. We’re continually improving our service and appreciate all the feedback we receive from customers like you. In fact, check out our other announcement today about our new multi-tenant gateway and multipart uploads. Both of these features help us better service developers in need of secure, private cloud object storage. Try out the new Storj DCS today

Read more about the launch of the new developer gateway in the Storj DCS announcement press release.

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