Unmatched security and privacy.

The Storj distributed architecture protects your files and metadata so that no one can access them without your explicit permission.

Default encryption.

Storj automatically encrypts data end-to-end, at rest and in transit.

Erasure coding.

Objects are split into pieces and spread across thousands of storage nodes.

Delegated authorization.

Pushing access management to the edge enhances privacy.

Access management.

Storj separates responsibilities for creating bearer tokens.

Data protection and privacy.

Storj gives customers complete control over encryption and the ability to provide keys that Storj cannot access. Other cloud providers may be able to access your data.

Peace of mind.

Customers all over the world trust Storj for keeping their data secure and private.
“Providing safe technology solutions for children also means protecting their data. Gabb Cloud [powered by Storj] will give both kids and parents alike peace of mind, no matter what might happen to their device.”
Nate Randle
CEO at Gabb

Simple pricing.

Distributing data across tens of thousands of underutilized storage nodes costs less and eliminates the need for multi-region replication.

Put Storj to the test.

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