Save your data.
Save the planet.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a responsibility. That’s why we’ve built a better cloud storage solution that meets your needs while minimizing your impact on the environment.

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graph of carbon emissions by industry

Let’s reduce the impact of data storage globally.

Recent predictions* state that the energy consumption of data centers is set to account for 3.2% percent of the total worldwide carbon emissions by 2025 and they could consume no less than a fifth of global electricity. By 2040, storing digital data is set to create 14% of the world's emissions, around the same proportion as the US does today.

*Source: ComputerWorld

co2 compression through storj over time
co2 compression through storj over time

Shave a zero off your cloud storage carbon footprint.

Storj is a different kind of cloud that significantly reduces carbon emissions compared to traditional cloud providers. Instead of building power-hungry data centers, our distributed storage network makes use of existing, unused hard drive capacity by splitting up files and distributing them across thousands of endpoints in 100+ countries with no additional replication needed for multi-region access.

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Sustainable storage.

Green Architecture

Our distributed model is more sustainable and energy-efficient by design, utilizing unused storage capacity on existing hardware around the world.

Carbon Offsets

We're offsetting our carbon impact and have already offset 50 million pounds of carbon through investments in a wide range of projects like solar, hydro, wind, biochar, and more.

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Leverages existing hardware
Manufacturing 1TB of HDD results in 20 kg of carbon
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High global performance by default
Minimizing the data replication traditionally required
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Enterprise-grade durability is standard
Reducing the number of copies of data even further
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Distributed network of global storage
No need to build, operate and power new data centers

Our climate impact.

Storj was designed with the environment in mind from the very beginning, which is why our storage network inherently better for the planet.
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A better future for data.

Want to take a deeper dive? We’ve collected data from a number of analysts that highlight the scope of the problem and the variety of contributing factors. Then, we share details about how our distributed architecture helps to address them and provides a cleaner solution.

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