Greener cloud storage.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword—it's a mission. Storj addresses your storage needs in a much cleaner way.
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Existing hardware.

Manufacturing 1TB of HDD results in 20 kg of carbon. Storj does it for 90% less.
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Natively global.

Distributing data minimizes the replication traditionally required for performance.
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Better durability.

Storj reduces the number of copies of data to achieve enterprise-grade durability.
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Distributed network.

With no need to build, operate and power new data centers, Storj makes data cleaner.

Sustainable by design.

Storj slashes carbon emissions by leveraging unused hard drive space and reducing the need to replicate data for performance and durability.

Better for the environment.

As countries begin to require that companies report their carbon impact, customers all over the world trust Storj to help meet their sustainability objectives.
“We chose Storj as our storage layer because of their innovation in decentralization - and for our shared values of a trustless, sustainable, and globally distributed architecture.”
Michael O'Rourke
CEO at Pokt

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