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Global team.

Over 70 remote team members in 20+ countries contribute to our success in building a better cloud.
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World-wide network.

Tens of thousands of storage locations in over 100 countries orchestrated for incredible efficiency and durability.
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Saving the planet.

Storj is committed to reducing the carbon created by data storage and shaping the future of the tech industry.


[stor-jay] proper noun
The name has always been Storj, but there has always been lots of confusion around how to pronounce it. Some said Storage, some Storge, and some Storj-ay. Turns out customers liked Storj-ay the best so that’s how you say it.

Then to now.

Storj emerged in 2014 from Shawn Wilkinson's vision for a more affordable and secure cloud storage solution that bypassed AWS's high costs and security issues by using excess hard drive space. Fast-forward a decade later, and Storj excels in cloud object storage, offering security and performance on par with major providers but at 90% less cost and with dramatically lower carbon emissions.

Helping organizations get more from their data.

Storj customers are improving backup and recovery confidence, speeding up media workflows, innovating with AI, and making scientific breakthroughs that improve our world.

Storj leadership.

Ben Golub
Dorrie Chung
John Gleeson
Katherine Johnson
JT Olio
Chief Architect
Trisha Winter
Chief Marketing Officer
Colby Winegar
Chief Revenue Officer
Jacob Willoughby
Chief Technology Officer

Storj is getting attention.

Storj is disrupting a more than $1B market so it’s no wonder that there is a lot of coverage by reporters and analysts.

Making a difference.

Accolades are great, but Storj and its team members are working hard to build a more sustainable and equitable future.

Join a fast growing force for good.

If you're looking to be a part of an exciting community of passionate people that care about each other and the legacy they leave behind, then you should definitely explore out current openings.
Careers at Storj