Top 5 Reasons Developers Choose Decentralized Cloud Storage

May 25, 2021

What is Decentralized Storage? Decentralized storage systems share storage responsibilities among many independent operators forming a single storage network. 

When compared to centralized cloud storage, decentralized cloud storage enables developers unprecedented flexibility to create, improve performance, keep data secure, and ensure easy accessibility of files for globally distributed team members, drastically improving team efficiency.

In this blog we want to highlight the primary drivers of this behavior. 


Decentralized Cloud Storage networks are inherently more secure due to how they are architected. They are run on Blockchain technology and are deployed using an edge based security model in which your data is encrypted, erasure coded, distributed, and stored multi-regionally across the globe providing no single point of failure. Additionally they are resistant to hacking, tampering, and bitrot. Unlike their centralized counterparts they aren’t susceptible to nefarious activity like “denial-of -service attacks” because there are no centralized targets for attackers to mass resources against. 


DCS networks are more reliable and have less “down time” due to the object storage data being distributed across many statistically uncorrelated network nodes. This provides a layer of security and anti-censorship along with no single point of failure which will make it almost impossible for your data to be compromised or lost, even in the event that a whole continent becomes unavailable.


Unlike centralized cloud storage networks in which a few centralized data centers in a small number of cities worldwide store most content and force users to hit a central server to download information. Decentralized cloud storage networks establish node connections in a network of distributed countries which share files directly. In addition, by leveraging local networks they can bypass sparse data centers by placing nodes closer to end users, resulting in significantly faster file retrieval and reduction in bandwidth usage.

Private (Non-proscriptive)

Centralized cloud storage networks are inherently public due to the information being on a public cloud. Information can be legally and secretly accessed by the provider at the request of law enforcement or domestic or foreign governments. Comparatively speaking decentralized cloud storage networks are inherently more private due to a hacker potentially having to contend with thousands of nodes making it almost impossible to block websites and online portals. This allows developers to build their applications with the piece of mind that their information won't be misappropriated, shut down, or stolen. 

Trusted experience

Centralized cloud storage networks offer an antiquated user experience for developers. Usually consisting of a loss of control of data due to third party vendors through events like server misconfigurations, high bandwidth fees, vendor lock, lack of economical global business models, and the need to constantly synchronize users and their devices.

While decentralized cloud storage networks, again due to how they are architected, offer complete data control due to blockchain technology, lower bandwidth fees, low vendor lock as it is easy to switch, are naturally global, redundant by proxy, transparent thanks to open source protocols, and don’t consume enormous amounts of compute resources. All of this in concert equates to a better and trusted experience for developers. 

Storj DCS is the world’s first open-source, decentralized cloud storage layer that’s private by design and secure by default - delivering unparalleled data protection and privacy when compared to traditional centralized storage alternatives. The zero trust architecture, multi-region high availability, default encryption and edge-based access controls minimize risk and give only you, or those you grant permission to, access to your files. The result is that you take back full ownership and control of your data. 

The benefits of Storj DCS and decentralization in general tend to line up many of the reasons that people chose a specific cloud storage provider over another. Recently, we polled more than 300 developers and business/tech leaders for a cloud storage research survey. We asked them what their priorities were when choosing a cloud storage solution, and determined the top five factors: security, privacy, cost, reliability, and availability. Go take a look at the report, see the results and see why Storj DCS is an ideal solution for your cloud object storage needs.

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