Storj Test Group C is Live !

July 11, 2016

Dear Storj Supporters,

We’re thrilled to announce the start of our final testing stage before a full launch later this summer - Test Group C (TGC). TGC will be the first to test real world network conditions, and participants have a chance to get a portion of the rewards totaling 1,000,000 SJCX. Rewards will be distributed for telemetry reports, storing data, and transferring data on the network over the next few months.

TGC SoftwareTo participate in TGC, please download the Storj Share application:

During the course of TGC you will be required to upgrade to new versions as they are released. These will include bug fixes and improvements. Remember that this is beta software and there will be issues along the way. Thanks for your patience and support!

TGC Support
Support will be provided on our Storj Community Slack. We have dedicated channels for #test-group-c and #storjshare. We want to hear your feedback and your reports of any bugs or issues you may encounter during testing.

SJCX = reputation points, and license key
SJCX will be required as reputation points and licence key to participate in TGC. Maintaining a minimum SJCX balance may impact payouts to farmers as follows:

  • 1,000 SJCX or more = Full Rewards
  • 999 SJCX or less = Potentially Less Rewards

Be the cloud!
The Storj Team

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