Storj Payout Transparency

January 30, 2017

Dear Storj supporters, 

We have updated the Payout Formula we use to reward all our awesome farmers that are helping us out by sharing their excess storage space. The new formula can be found on our GitHub. We want the process to be transparent for everyone to see.

Some things to note are:

  • There are no rewards for storing less than 1 GB for the month.
  • However, if a user has telemetry reports, exchange reports, or downloads they may still receive a reward.
  • There are no rewards if a user has not been seen in the past week.

Each component (gigabyte hours, telemetry reports, and downloaded bytes) is scaled so that each metric ends up being a measurement of how far away users are from the mean. Those values are multiplied by certain weights and summed to arrive at a final value.

We hope this will make rewards better, transparent, and more fair for a larger number of our supporters. We will continue to streamline the formula as we progress and more farmers join the Storj network.

If you have any queries or feedback you are welcome to join the discussion on our community chat at

Be the cloud!
The Storj Team

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