Storj Open Development Announcement

October 1, 2021

As you all know, all our code for Storj V3 is open source. Our team believes that openness and transparency are critical to everything we do at Storj.  We also value feedback from our Storage Node Operators and the community as a whole. Today we’re announcing that we intend to adopt an open development strategy for our Storage Node development to ensure that everyone can get involved in developing the Storage Nodes or contribute to the network.

As part of this, we’ve moved all our Storage Node Operator Jira tickets to GitHub, and new issues will be tracked in the Storage Node Project Board on GitHub.

Our goal is to do this in a way that embraces the well-established open source model that’s been working effectively for years: meaningful and positive contributions that align to long-standing, thoughtfully designed architecture and collaborative engineering. Together we seek the best outcome for all people who use Storj.

Who can contribute?

Everyone - Developers interested in contributing to the Storj Open Source Project are invited to contribute code or open issues with bug reports and feature requests. 

Contributions are not only restricted to issues with bug reports or feature requests. We’re open to pull requests in the form of bug fixes, tests, new features, UI enhancements, or bug reports in the form of PR with a failing test. Any pull requests that help the network and improve upon our open source software are welcome, reviewed, and accepted into the Storj platform.

Our primary focus for the Storage Node development is the multi-node dashboard. Any improvement is welcome. If you’re not running a Storage Node yourself, we can send you a list of nodeIDs that you can add to your dashboard. You can start with a multi-node dashboard filled with several months of data.

We also look forward to pull requests with UI tests with go-rod

What happens next?

If you’re a Storage Node Operator, a Storj customer, an open source enthusiast, or a developer interested in contributing to the Storj network, we invite you to collaborate and bring the best of Storj forward to continue to make the internet decentralized and secure for everyone.

Helpful links:

Storj V3 whitepaper:

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