Introducing Storj Select: Revolutionizing Cloud Storage

Aaron Zitzer
December 4, 2023

The digital landscape and regulatory environments are evolving rapidly, creating a pressing need for cloud storage that not only offers robust security but also aligns with stringent compliance requirements. Understanding this critical need, the team at Storj is thrilled to unveil 'Storj Select' – a new feature that allows businesses to leverage the price, performance, security and sustainability benefits of our revolutionary approach to cloud storage while adhering to specific compliance mandates.

A quick overview on Storj.

Storj does not own or operate a single data center. Instead, we put unused storage space to work on a global network. This dramatically reduces our costs and we pass the savings on to our customers. By extending the life of existing hardware and removing the need to build and operate data centers, Storj is also much better for the environment with a carbon footprint up to 83% less than hyperscalers.
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Our network currently has tens of thousands of storage nodes in over 100 countries. Erasure coding is used to automatically split each object file into 80+ encrypted pieces that are stored across different nodes. Reconstruction of the file only requires 29 of the 80 pieces. This method ensures extremely high security by default as well as 11 9’s of durability.

When retrieving files, Storj intelligently requests data from nodes that are close and fast. This is combined with parallelism to deliver high performance and reliable access to download large datasets from anywhere in the world. By eliminating the need to replicate and pay to store data in multiple regions for durability or performance the cost benefits are even more dramatic. S3 compatibility and integrations with leading backup solutions make integrating Storj fast and easy.
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Enter Storj Select.

Storj Select enables secure groups of storage nodes which create a tier. Nodes that meet predefined criteria receive certified tags. Specific placement rules for upload, download, audit and data repair ensure that data associated with an account, project or bucket is restricted only to storage nodes with the appropriate certified node tag.

The first instance of a Storj Select tier of storage nodes is us-select-1, which is U.S.-only storage in facilities that have SOC 2 Type II certifications. This tier is now available to provide secure object storage that is a component of a SOC 2 compliant solution.

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Customers are already benefiting.

With petabytes of healthcare data to secure, healthcare data security leader CloudWave, is among the first to leverage Storj Select.

“The more than 300 hospitals that we work with across six countries are focused on protecting patients. Our role is to protect their patient data from cyberattacks and ensure their systems run with the performance and reliability they need,” said Matt Donahue, Chief Technology Officer at CloudWave. “Storj Select's uniquely customizable compliance features, speed and security fit well with our cloud strategy.”

Could Storj be right for you?

Whether you are grappling with the challenges of data security, compliance mandates, or simply looking for a cleaner, more robust and affordable cloud storage solution, Storj is engineered to exceed your expectations. We would be proud to be your cloud storage provider. Try us for free.

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