Storj Labs Partners with MongoDB

June 11, 2020

We've got some big news. Storj Labs is partnering with MongoDB! We're excited to announce the Tardigrade Backup service for MongoDB Ops Manager. 

MongoDB users can automatically back up their data directly to Tardigrade and enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade security backed by SLAs. Tardigrade can quickly be configured to store database backups and snapshots from MongoDB Ops Manager in just a few minutes, with literally every file protected by end-to-end encryption. 

Developers using MongoDB can now take advantage of the privacy, security, and reliability of Tardigrade right out of the box, so to speak. Every file uploaded to Tardigrade has cross-geography redundancy by default, similar to a multi-region cloud backup architecture. 

MongoDB user's backups will always be accessible, and a single outage won't bring your operation to a full stop like it would when using a centralized cloud storage provider. 

Tardigrade backups are available everywhere, and, with almost immediate availability, developers can quickly retrieve their data from their MongoDB instance from anywhere in the world using Tardigrade. 

If you ever need to access your data, you're in luck because egress bandwidth is half the price of Google Cloud, Amazon S3, and Azure—because it's decentralized, it's even more affordable than centralized backup architectures, which end up being super pricey if you need to access your data. 

Advantages of Using Tardigrade for Mongo Users

Tardigrade's zero-knowledge, distributed architecture can help to make your MongoDB application infrastructure more resilient. The nature of decentralized storage means your backups are protected against the risk of data loss, bit rot, or malware.

Data is broken up into redundant pieces and streamed in parallel across a large network of statistically uncorrelated Nodes. This means your data is not concentrated onto a single vendor, storage provider, or Internet Service Provider, making volume recovery much more reliable and resilient. 

Tardigrade is purpose-built for application scenarios with multi-cloud architectures and is often used for backup, disaster prevention, and migration between cloud providers. These capabilities enable high levels of application and data mobility to rehydrate across different live platforms

In this sense Tardigrade is the ultimate omnicloud solution for disaster prevention, disaster recovery, and cross-environment migration for MongoDB workloads.

Open Source Partners

We're thrilled to have MongoDB as an Open Source Partner. The Storj Labs Open Source Partner Program enables the creators of open source software to derive programmatic revenue from their usage of Tardigrade, the Open Decentralized Cloud. 

For more information around our commitment to open source software see:


MongoDB is a powerful, flexible, and scalable general-purpose database. It combines the ability to scale out with features such as secondary indexes, range queries, sorting, aggregations, and geospatial indexes.

We can't wait to see how MongoDB users take advantage of the distributed capabilities of Tardigrade. We constantly hear from people who need cloud backup services that provide end-to-end encryption by default, multi-region redundancy, as well as lower and more predictable costs compared to centralized services.

Tardigrade delivers on all of these needs with enterprise-grade SLAs. 

To get started check out the documentation on backing up your MongoDB database to Tardigrade. You can also read more about the Tardigrade Backup service for MongoDB DevOps Manager on MongoDB's Blog.

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