Storj Labs Launches Beta

April 9, 2016

Storj Labs, the distributed object storage company, is launching a beta version of the Storj platform today at the Impact Hub in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Storj enables software developers to push and pull data for their applications on a decentralized network. The data is stored by a community of “farmers”, who rent their unused disk space to the network in exchange for compensation in a cryptocurrency called Storjcoin. The company was born out of the open-source Storj project, in which a large community of developers joined forces to build the most efficient, decentralized cloud by using the blockchain as a backend.

The beta announcement has been highly-anticipated around the world. The community built around the open-source project has been actively contributing code, testing and providing feedback on platform features for nearly two years to make this possible. The beta is currently invite only on a first come, first served basis and will be open to the public shortly after the initial testing phase.

Shawn Wilkinson, CEO of Storj Labs, announced: “The long wait for our community is now over! We are delighted to release our beta platform to our community and see real world applications of the technology. The first apps have already been created on Storj, and we expect many more soon.”

With this full feature release, companies like Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises, InterContinental Hotels Group, The Weather Channel and Capgemini can now explore the commercialization of Storj within their own organizations.

To learn more about Storj and get early access to the platform, please visit

For press enquiries:

John Quinn
Co-Founder, Storj Labs

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