Storj is a Black Duck Software Open Source Rookie of the Year

January 27, 2015

Our team is thrilled to announce that Storj has been awarded as one of Black Duck’s Open Source Rookies of the Year.

We launched our beta test on December 20 of last year and expect to start scaling up during 2015. There is a lot of attention towards our project, and we mean to live up to the expectations of our fans and supporters. Secure, private, and decentralized cloud storage will be a hot topic in 2015, and we want Storj to be at the center of it.

Each year, Black Duck names ten new open source projects as their Rookies of the Year. Previous awards include Ansible, Docker, Bootstrap, Tox, and many other great Open Source projects. We’re honored to be acknowledged alongside such great ideas as well as the other rookies this year.

We’d like to thank the community for their enthusiastic support, as well as the passionate group of volunteers who help maintain the project. We dedicate our Black Duck Open Source Rookies of the Year award to each one of you.

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