Storj continues support for Ukraine with new donation

Aaron Zitzer
April 26, 2024

As the crisis unfolded in Ukraine, Storj quickly positioned itself as a pillar of support for those impacted by the conflict. Home to Storj team members in Kyiv as well as hundreds of storage operators throughout the country, Storj has taken a number of actions to help in this time of crisis.

Over $20,000 in contributions and matching donations

Storj demonstrated its commitment to the humanitarian effort in Ukraine with recent donations to organizations like the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund and Hospitallers, a local volunteer organization of paramedics, to help address immediate and continued relief needs. Storj also matched the charitable donations of its employees, effectively doubling the financial support funneled into relief and recovery efforts.

Enhanced payouts and financial relief measures

To directly assist its Ukrainian storage operators, in early 2022, Storj quickly made moves to enhance their financial stability. Storj doubled the payout rates as a direct response to the economic hardships faced by these individuals, providing them with a much-needed increase in income for a period of time. In September 2023, a year and a half later, Storj decided to phase out the storage operator bonus and began donating more to local charities.

Technological empowerment and long-term commitment

Leveraging its distributed technology, Storj played a pivotal role in ensuring secure and uninterrupted access to data—a critical component when communication and information access are paramount. As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, Storj’s commitment remains unwavering. The company is constantly evaluating and adapting its strategies to provide ongoing support and stability to its team members and storage operators in the region.

Storj's proactive and comprehensive approach in Ukraine not only underscores its commitment to its community but also showcases the potential of distributed technologies to provide real-world solutions in times of crisis.

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