Leadership update from Storj

May 17, 2017

Today we’re announcing that Shawn Wilkinson is stepping down as CEO. Shawn will remain a key contributor to Storj Labs' product, vision and community as CTO. The responsibilities of CEO will be shared between his co-founders, James Prestwich, John Quinn, and Tome Boshevski until a new CEO is appointed.

As CTO, Shawn will be able to focus his efforts on the codebase and working with the community to advance the state of open source distributed storage. The opportunity Storj Labs is pursuing is bigger than any one person or company. These changes put Storj Labs in a position to support its community and customers, while leading innovation in the blockchain and storage industries. Please join us in thanking Shawn for his tireless work as our founding CEO and creator of the Storj Labs code base.


Q: Why the change? Why not just keep the creator of the codebase at the helm?
A: It's not uncommon for companies that are experiencing rapid growth to change CEO so that the creators of the codebase can focus on the code. This change enables us to both continue to grow and nurture the codebase and community.

Q: When is this effective?
A: Immediately.

Q: How was this decision made?
A: The response to Storj Labs this year has been amazing. The user base and community is growing, while investors continue to place a stake in the company. Together the founders of Storj Labs determined this was the best path forward.

Q: Will Shawn remain on the board?
A: No, Shawn will no longer be on the board.

Q: As a cofounder and creator of the codebase, why would he not be on the board?
A: Shawn wants to focus his time exclusively on development and community.

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