The smarter way to store data in the cloud.

Get faster cloud object storage at 90% less cost than AWS S3 while dramatically reducing your data’s carbon footprint.
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Protect backups.

Get high durability, better protection for data and metadata and fast recovery from anywhere in the world.
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Accelerate media.

Improve collaboration and get from set to edit to review to archive with high performance and availability.
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Simplify archives.

Overcome the limitations and expense of on-premise and cold storage with secure, easily accessible archival.

The biggest cloud innovation since S3.

Storj is the leader in distributed cloud storage with clear differentiation compared to other providers.

Single upload.

Storj automatically replicates and distributes data globally, which saves you money and eliminates regional risks.

More durable.

Storj is architected using zero-trust and zero-knowledge principles that yield the highest levels of durability.

Consistently fast.

Storj splits, distributes and recovers the data in parallel to avoid traffic jams, ensuring  great performance from anywhere.

Limitless scalability.

Storj can quickly scale with your business to any region by leveraging a massive, global storage network.

Customers trust Storj.

Store data where unparalleled performance, security and data affordability come standard.
"The more than 300 hospitals that we work with are focused on protecting patients. Our role is to protect their patient data from cyberattacks and ensure their systems run with the performance and reliability they need. Storj's uniquely customizable compliance features, speed and security fit well with our cloud strategy.”
matt donahue
Matt Donahue
CTO at CloudWave

Plug and play ready.

Storj has S3 compatibility and technical alliances with backup systems, data and media management  platforms.

Reducing carbon.

By more effectively using existing capacity, the most dirty part of cloud storage—manufacturing hard drives—is avoided.
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Put Storj to the test.

It’s simple to set up and start using Storj. Sign up now to get 25GB free for 30 days.
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Storj values partners.

Service providers, technical alliances, resellers and integrators are loving the innovation and profitability Storj brings to a stagnant, high-cost market.
"Providing a reliable, high-performance cloud storage solution that is an order of magnitude less expensive than existing cloud storage offerings and can do so profitably–that is a total game changer."
Tony Asaro
SVP Strategy and Business Development at Hammerspace
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Improved margins.

Provide high durability without multi-region setup and added fees.
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Simplified setup.

End-to-end encryption is standard and no regional buckets needed.
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Add value.

Improve data protection and performance while lowering clients carbon impact.

Expecting a form?

Storj believes in giving you all the information you need to purchase when you’re ready (not when you get an annoying email or phone call). If you are interested in learning more, here are some great resources to explore.

Self-guided evaluation.

Explore product fit.

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