Fast downloads.

Erasure coding eliminates latency and parallel uploads and downloads make Storj extremely fast from any location.

Globally available.

Data is segmented and stored across our global storage network. The fastest segments are used to rebuild the file.

Unparalleled security.

Storj is zero trust and zero knowledge. End-to-end encryption is standard and only you can see and access your data.

Low cost.

Around 80% less than AWS. No contracts, no lock-ins, no hidden fees, and no replication needed.

The fastest off-premises video encoder in the market.

ByteNite is the ideal service for businesses searching for a modern and swift online video encoder to support production needs. Utilizing grid computing technology, ByteNite's platform and API are ten times faster than most cloud-based encoders. By dividing videos into smaller segments and spreading out the encoding process across numerous untapped devices, ByteNite ensures efficient and cost-effective delivery of high-quality videos. In addition, it supports all major video formats and codecs, including H.264, H.265, and HLS. With ByteNite, video encoding becomes faster, more sustainable, and easier to scale.