Fast downloads.

Erasure coding eliminates latency and parallel uploads and downloads make Storj faster than CSPs for video.

Globally available.

Data is segmented and stored across tens of thousands of global storage nodes. The fastest segments are used to rebuild the file.

Most secure.

Storj is zero trust and zero knowledge. End-to-end encryption is standard and only you can see and access your data.

Low cost.

Around 80% less than AWS. No contracts, no hidden fees, no replication and no CDN needed.

Miria by Atempo. The Data Management Platform.

Atempo preserves data ecosystems for mid-sized and corporate organizations all over the world with solutions like Miria: the open archive software solution from Atempo with automatic, end-user, and workflow-triggered archiving that moves content from primary storage to Storj for near-line and/or deep cloud archives with search and retrieval from a simple, drag-and-drop interface.