Data Migration

Migrate your data thanks to Halo’s native integration with Storj, as well as many on-prem LTO HSMs and other storage vendors.

Avoid Egress

Thanks to Storj’s “regionless” design - you don’t need to move assets around in the cloud to distribute.

Blistering Speeds

Regardless of where you upload or download content, you consistently get superior performance.

Distributed Architecture

Halo’s distributed architecture allows you to “harness” resources no matter where they are located.

Cubix Halo - A highly adaptable Workflow & MAM solution

Halo is a highly configurable, truly hybrid media orchestration platform that allows clients to seamlessly manage their media and metadata, both on-prem and in the cloud. Define business rules and workflows to suit your exact needs - technology should wrap around you, not the other way around.

This true hybrid approach is important to be able to achieve the best of both - leveraging the scale and power of the cloud, but minimising costs by managing and processing content “at the edge” where possible.