Fast downloads.

Erasure coding eliminates latency and parallel uploads and downloads make Storj extremely fast from any location.

Globally available.

Data is segmented and stored across our global storage network. The fastest segments are used to rebuild the file.

Unparalleled security.

Storj is zero trust and zero knowledge. End-to-end encryption is standard and only you can see and access your data.

Low cost.

Around 80% less than AWS. No contracts, no lock-ins, no hidden fees, and no replication needed.

Manage your content easily with Amove.

Manage workflows and collaborate on your video production projects more easily than ever with Amove. Turn files and folders into shared online workspaces where your team can edit, review and collaborate on content that lives anywhere. With all of your cloud buckets connected to Amove, you can work faster with intelligence and freedom.