Frameworks like SOC and ISO alongside standards like, HIPAA, and GDPR are designed to meet certain data privacy and protection standards. Storj Select provides secure object storage that can be a component of a compliant storage solution. It enables configurable groups of nodes for storage of distributed pieces of encrypted, erasure-coded data at the account, project or bucket level. Our distributed network provides robust encryption, comprehensive identity and access management, data sovereignty and immutability.

Encryption and data protection.

Storj takes a unique approach to storing data with end-to-end encryption (both at rest and in transit), erasure coded redundancy, and highly distributed storage for confidentiality and integrity.

All data is highly available and resistant to a wide range of infrastructure failures while retaining 11 9’s of durability, subject to automated integrity checks via audits and able to be automatically repaired in the event that some portion of the infrastructure fails or is otherwise compromised.

Data protection is not just about security, it is also about data privacy. One of the key differences of Storj is that we give customers complete control over encryption. Customers have the flexibility and control to generate or provide their own encryption keys. Keys that Storj does not save or have access to. Other cloud providers may be able to access your data.

Identity and access management.

Access is governed by Access Grants, which encapsulate API keys, encryption information, and restrictions. API keys can have granular restrictions imposed, allowing for precise control.

Storj enables access management at the edge and employs capability-based access control. Should the need arise, specific access can be systematically revoked to maintain data security.

Data sovereignty.

Data sovereignty options include EU or US infrastructure so your data is only present in the selected regions. In addition, we offer Storj Select, which enables data to be stored on SOC 2 certified storage nodes in the US.
"The more than 300 hospitals that we work with across six countries are focused on protecting patients. Our role is to protect their patient data from cyberattacks and ensure their systems run with the performance and reliability they need. Storj Select's uniquely customizable compliance features, speed and security fit well with our cloud strategy."
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Key compliance standards.

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Storj provides secure object storage that can be a component of a SOC2-compliant solution. We have designed Storj Select with SOC2 in mind, and for data to be secure, available, and protected.

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Storj provides the option to geofence data to European regions subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Customers can choose to store their data exclusively within European nodes, so their data remains within the territorial boundaries of the European Economic Area (EEA).

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The storage of electronic health records (EHRs) are subject to requirements of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Storj uses security practices that protect privacy and integrity of electronic data.

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