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Want to shave a zero off your cloud storage bill? Take a look at our low storage and egress prices. There are no hidden fees and no need to replicate data for durability or global performance. Experience truly predictable and affordable cloud storage.

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Storage limit
25 GB
Egress limit per month
25 GB
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Get up to 25 TB of high performance cloud storage. Great for small and medium sized storage needs.

Storage cost per month*
$0.004 /GiB
Egress cost per month
$0.007 /GiB
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Contact us to learn how Storj can save your company 80% or more on cloud storage costs with better security and performance.

  • Compliance and data sovereignty
  • Bundling & price protection
              (12, 24, 36 month terms)
  • Unlimited storage and egress
  • Enhanced support
  • Private label solutions
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*Additional per-segment fee of $0.0000088 applies.

CDN Performance.
Cold storage prices.

Simple, easy-to-understand bill

No need for replication in multiple availability zones

No throttling or restrictions on egress

99.95% availability and 11 nines durability

No hidden API transaction fees

No extra costs for multipart uploads

Great programs for resellers and referral partners

Save money and the environment.

We don't own or manage data centers, so we can pass those savings on to you. Storj can reduce your cloud storage carbon footprint by up to 80% too!

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80% less cost.

Save 80% or more on your cloud storage costs compared to the big cloud providers.
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Global performance.

With multi-region functionality built-in, you’ll never pay extra for more availability or performance.
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Our network does not require building and powering new data centers or hard drives so it's much cleaner.
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No Lock-in.

Move your data around freely without worrying about how much it will impact your bill.

Data compliance on Storj.

Storj delivers cost-effective, compliant cloud storage. Adhering to standards like SOC, ISO, HIPAA, and GDPR, we offer secure, encrypted, and distributed storage. Our unique end-to-end encryption and data sovereignty options ensure data integrity and regional compliance. Choose Storj for affordable, compliant storage that prioritizes data security and privacy.

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