Welcome to the New Storj.io

April 15, 2016

Last week we launched a new Storj.io website that we hope will help simplify our web presence. Along with that, we are pleased as punch to announce that we’re bringing MetaDisk, DriveShare, and the Storj Protocol under one umbrella: Storj. We’re trying to defragment our websites, and present a single unified product and brand, so bear with us as we clean up.

Here’s a quick run-down of the major changes:

  1. https://metadisk.org and https://storj.io have been combined into one new website.
  2. MetaDisk is now called “Storj”. It’ll be accessed via an API, CLI, and a GUI to manage your Storj account, and any other app built on top of it. We’ll be building SDKs for it in various languages in the coming months.
  3. A lot of repos and packages in our GitHub got renamed to reflect the new scheme.

Here’s what hasn’t changed:

  1. The vision for the products hasn’t changed, just the names and presentation.
  2. We are committed to creating a decentralized storage network, and releasing it as free and open-source software.
  3. We believe that our community is one of the great strengths of this project.

As we transition over the user facing apps and supporting libraries to the new naming scheme, and feel free to hop in the community Slack to let us know if you find some old MetaDisk branding lying around.

We will be sending out invites for Storj accounts soon, stay tuned.

Have a great day!
The Storj Team


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