Updated Storj Whitepaper + Community Hangout

December 10, 2016

Dear Storj supporters,

It’s been almost two years since the release of the first version of the Storj whitepaper, and the start of Storj. When it was released, Storj was only a theory, but now it’s a vibrant and robust network with over 1,500 TB of data stored and 8,500 TB of capacity and growing. The V2 whitepaper updates what worked, what didn't work, and what will be built in the future.

The time has come to put all of our technical knowhow into context and are very excited to announce the release of a revised Storj whitepaper on the morning of December 15th. This is exactly two years after the release of the first Storj whitepaper. We will also follow with a community hangout.

Storj Community Hangout
December is also the time of the year when we reflect on our achievements and set the pace for the year to come. We will be hosting a Community Hangout to discuss recent developments, as well as keeping an eye on our near future plans and beyond. Everyone is invited to join, this is a great opportunity to ask your questions directly to the team. During the event you can submit all your questions on our Community Chat in the #chat channel. Find more details below.

When and Where
December 15th at 4:00PM EST.


  • The New Storj Whitepaper
  • Test Group C Progress
  • First Storj Customers
  • General Q&A

**The Community Hangout URL will be shared before the event start. A link to the stream will also be posted on our channels:

Have a wonderful day,
The Storj Team

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