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October 26, 2016

Dear Storj supporters,

We are excited to announce that Storj is in beta testing on Heroku’s Elements marketplace. Heroku is a cloud platform that lets app developers spend their time on application code, not managing server infrastructure, and it’s one of the largest developer ecosystems in the world.

We invite you to contribute to Storj’s ongoing success by becoming a beta tester on the Heroku platform. You’ll gain access to Storj’s object store in just 1 click, so you can upload and download files from our Blockchain-based, reliable and blazing-fast cloud.

During the beta testing period, access to Storj will be free, just like in our current standalone product.

We hope that Storj for Heroku makes our platform an easy choice for your next project. Please join us in providing your feedback!

PS: If you are not a Heroku user, we invite you to sign up for our standalone service.

Be the cloud,
The Storj Team

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