Test Storj for Video Sharing

Trisha Winter
December 9, 2022

How fast is Storj for sharing large files like video? Test for yourself.

The larger files get, the more difficult it becomes to share them. This is true from a cost standpoint, as well as from a performance perspective. This is especially the case for video sharing. As video resolutions continue to increase — and therefore their file sizes as well — the cost of storing them in the cloud rises too. Yet, to share video files with collaborators and editors, video creators need to store videos in the cloud. The recent M&E digital storage report from Coughlin Associates provides a visual illustration of the incredible growth of cloud storage for media assets. It’s important to note that file sharing in the video production stage is a big factor in cloud storage growth.

Ask any video creator and they’ll tell you that margins are thin and cloud storage costs are becoming a big concern. But it isn’t just the cost that concerns them. Lower-priced cloud storage options often have poor global performance. Tight deadlines and geographically distributed teams necessitate sharing large video files with editors across the globe for 24x7 editing. The reality is that sharing large files often equates to a delay of four or more hours while the video downloads. This can mean 8 hours of lost productivity per editor daily.

The pain of rising cloud storage costs and poor file sharing performance drives many video production companies to look for reliable high performance, low cost alternatives like Storj. Most cloud providers will claim fast download speeds, but we recognize that seeing is believing. So here are some basic instructions you can follow to test the speed of large file sharing on Storj yourself.

Steps to test Storj large file sharing against your current provider

Storj lets you upload and download large files shared anywhere in the world—without replication and at a fraction of the cost of traditional cloud storage. The steps below let you compare its speed against your current cloud storage provider. If you don’t yet have a Storj account, you can start using it for free here.

Storj test for file sharing

  1. Sign in - Sign in to Storj. Need help? Get quickstart instructions here.
  2. Upload file - Upload a large file according to the way you interface with Storj.
  3. Time upload/download - Time how fast the file uploads to Storj. Then when it is fully uploaded, time the download speed.
  4. Share file - Share the file link with friends or colleagues globally. Have them time their download speeds in their location.
  5. Compare results - Repeat this process with the same file on your current cloud storage.

Of course, this experiment tests the basic level of Storj performance. There are lots of ways to get even better performance. You can take a deep dive into hot rodding instructions here.

Want to see how fast Storj is for large file sharing right now?

You can see how fast Storj is for sharing large files anywhere in the world by sharing the link to this 4K 60FPS video file on Storj. Have colleagues download the file from their location and time the download speed. Note: No CDN and no replication is used for storing, sharing, or streaming this video.

(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / www.bigbuckbunny.org

Download Big Buck Bunny on Storj

Storj is perfect for sharing large files

Karl Young, Founder & Executive Producer at VideoCrew shared why they switched to Storj for video sharing and storage. “As our clients demand faster turnarounds with higher resolution media, we need to be as efficient and lean as possible. Using Storj has made it easy to integrate with apps like iconik and Adobe Premiere; all while benefiting from the lower costs and phenomenal security of decentralized storage.”

Storj has the ability to deliver great experiences like this because it doesn’t rely on expensive, centralized datacenters. Storj has a globally distributed network of over 15,000 storage nodes. Plus, the network’s zero-trust architecture ensures the highest levels of security are part of the standard offering. Also, Storj’s built-in parallelism and long-tail latency reduction inherently optimize transfer speeds for large files. And it does it at a cost 80%-90% less than what AWS charges. Storj gives video creators the productivity and cost savings to continue to grow their business without worrying about the growth in video file sizes.

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