Automate Backups to the Decentralized Cloud With These Powerful Partners

Colby Winegar
May 9, 2022

Whether you’re relying on a traditional, centralized hyperscaler or leveraging the dramatic advantages of an innovative, emerging decentralized model, data integrity and accessibility are paramount. Decentralization delivers built-in global redundancy combined with high-performance muti-threaded transfers that help achieve desired  RTOs and RPOs - all for a TCO that is significantly less than centralized providers.

Storj DCS is ideal for backups due to the nature of our decentralized and distributed network with a zero-trust approach and end-to-end encryption – delivering resiliency, immutability, and security, with less cost and complexity. And we can prove it – Storj DCS provides incredible performance for hot backups, is extremely secure (we’ve never lost a file), and offers high multi-region availability. Even better, it costs about the same as cold backups.

However, backing up your data can take a lot of manual management time, a lot of storage space, and elevated potential data risks. It’s a necessary task, but it can be daunting. What if there were a way to automate it?

There is – or there are. We’re here to talk you through three automated backup solutions from our valued technology partners – solutions that work hand-in-hand with the storage and accessibility features offered by Storj DCS.

In this blog, you’ll learn how Hashbackup, Duplicati, and Restic provide Storj users with a variety of options that deliver robust and intuitive backup for files living on DCS.

Which one is right for you?

Meet Hashbackup

HashBackup is a command-line backup program to create a local backup, remote offsite backup, or both, in your own storage accounts using Storj DCS. HashBackup addresses the issues of security and storage by not only encrypting backups but also compressing them. This approach offers an efficient, reliable solution for performing backups regularly which doesn’t need compromise due to storage or compute limitations.

Advantages At A Glance:

  • Backups are deduplicated, compressed and encrypted on your computer with an encryption key known only to you.
  • Dedup and compression make backups space-efficient.
  • Encryption prevents anyone from accessing backup data without the key, making it safe to store backups anywhere.
  • For higher protection, backup data can be sent to more than one storage account.

Also, you don’t have to worry about version control. Unlike traditional incremental backups where a full backup followed by many incrementals is restored, HashBackup uses a block-level incremental strategy that can restore any version directly and is designed to efficiently handle backups with thousands of incremental versions. And that means peace of mind.

Find out how to integrate Hashbackup with Storj DCS here.

Let’s Look at the Duplicati Backup Tool

Here’s another approach to backup: Duplicati is another prominent backup tool that works differently from other backup solutions by grouping, deduplicating, and compressing small files into bigger blocks. This compression and deduplication approach positions Duplicati as a great tool for reducing the costs of data storage.

Why Choose Duplicati?

  • Duplicati offers an intuitive backup scheduler where users can select what days and at what times they want backups to run. Once it’s scheduled, sit back and let Duplicati handle the rest.
  • Duplicati offers both compression and deduplication in their process for converting small files into bigger blocks in the backup process.
  • Dedupe and compression provide space and cost savings when storing backups, a major benefit for users managing large datasets.

Find out how to integrate Duplicati with Storj DCS here.

Get to Know Restic

Restic is a highly secure and efficient backup tool that is free to use and completely open source. It is a CLI-only backup tool that can backup your files from LInux, BSD, Mac and Windows to many different storage types, including self-hosted and online services.

Restic backups are snapshot-based, so they are a very fast backup solution compared to the others we’ve investigated. Restic will snapshot the server/files/directory, deduplicated from what was stored before. Any restore to a given backup will return the server/files/directories to the exact state they were at that time. Plus, Restic will clean up old unused snapshots and check the validity of the snapshot to ensure easy restore down the road.

The Benefits of Restic:

  • Restic backups are speedy – this is a great option for those who may be working with smaller files and need a quick, dependable backup solution.
  • Restic offers snapshot cleanup and snapshot check. Snapshot cleanup will ensure multiple snapshots won't impede snapshot management and the snapshot check will ensure the validity and recoverability of the Restic backup.

Find out how to integrate Restic with Storj DCS here.

Discover more about the benefits of decentralized cloud storage for backups.

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