Get fast, immutable, and affordable backups.

Storj is a low cost way to securely store and access large amounts of data in the cloud. Backups can be automated to send to Storj’s globally distributed network with end-to-end encryption by default. Backups are always available and accessible from anywhere in the world with incredibly fast download times.

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Unlimited scale for backups and recovery.

Cold storage pricing.

Storj lowers storage and egress costs by at least 80%. Our globally distributed network eliminates the need for replication and multi-region storage. And egress is a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Hot storage performance.

Files are always available and can be downloaded using multi-layered parallelism (pulling from multiple storage nodes around the globe) with low latency, and higher throughput, ensuring faster recovery.

Unparalleled security.

Get end-to-end encryption for data and metadata by default. Access management keys can be from you for added security, eliminating the need for access control lists for complete data privacy.

Trusted for backups by teams all over the world.

“Instead of having two copies at double the price, like in traditional cloud storage, Storj brings a way to distribute data across different nodes and to have the guarantee that all our data is available when customers need it at no additional price.”

Louis-Frederic Laszlo
Louis-Frederic Laszlo
VP Product Management at Atempo

“Providing safe technology solutions for children also means protecting their data. Gabb Cloud with Storj will give both kids and parents alike peace of mind, no matter what might happen to their device.”

Nate Randall
Nate Randle
CEO at Gabb Wireless

How Storj eliminates backup and recovery challenges.

Learn how backing up to the decentralized cloud can help you meet RPO/RTO objectives while dramatically reducing costs and complexity.

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