Get fast, immutable, and affordable backups.

Storj is a low cost way to securely store and access large amounts of data in the cloud. Backups can be automated to send to Storj’s globally distributed network with end-to-end encryption by default. Backups are always available and accessible from anywhere in the world with incredibly fast download times.

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Unlimited scale for backups and recovery.

Faster recovery time.

Storj has consistently fast download speeds from anywhere in the world thanks to our globally distributed storage network. That means you can meet your recovery time objective (RTO) or even improve it.

More current recovery point.

Storj doesn’t have minimum storage limits so you can replace your backups more frequently and only pay for the data you are storing at the end of the month. That means more current data and a shorter recovery point objective (RPO).

Ransomware and disaster resistant.

Storj was built with zero trust principles, making it incredibly secure. We provide end-to-end encryption by default and have 11 9’s durability and 99.95% availability. No disaster, outage, or bad actor can prevent you from accessing your data.

Trusted for backups by teams all over the world.

“Instead of having two copies at double the price, like in traditional cloud storage, Storj brings a way to distribute data across different nodes and to have the guarantee that all our data is available when customers need it at no additional price.”

Louis-Frederic Laszlo
Louis-Frederic Laszlo
VP Product Management at Atempo

“Providing safe technology solutions for children also means protecting their data. Gabb Cloud with Storj will give both kids and parents alike peace of mind, no matter what might happen to their device.”

Nate Randall
Nate Randle
CEO at Gabb Wireless

Backup to Storj from the systems you already use.

Your backups can be automated to send to Storj using the backup recovery platform of your choice. Backups are always available and accessible from anywhere in the world to consistently meet or exceed your recovery objectives.

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Learn how MSPs are using Storj and Acronis.

Storj and Acronis. Simplified backups.

Storj and Acronis is a frictionless combination to meet your objectives. Acronis helps streamline your backups, while Storj eliminates storage limitations so you can replace backups at whatever frequency you want, without getting hit with outrageous costs.

Both Acronis and Storj are optimized globally to get you incredibly fast download speeds to meet or exceed your recovery expectations.

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Storj has backup compliance covered.

Get compliant backups with secure, encrypted storage, meeting compliance standards like SOC, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Compliance on Storj

Data security and privacy.

Storj has end-to-end encryption (both at rest and in transit), erasure coded redundancy, and highly distributed storage to ensure confidentiality and integrity. Storj customers have the flexibility and control to generate or provide their own encryption keys that Storj does not have access to. This yields the highest level of data privacy available as AWS and other cloud providers can see and access your metadata.

Secure access at the edge.

Storj access is governed by Access Grants, which encapsulate API keys, encryption information, and restrictions. API keys can have granular restrictions imposed, allowing for precise control. Storj enables access management at the edge and employs capability-based access control. Should the need arise, specific access can be systematically revoked to maintain data security.

Data sovereignty and immutability.

Storj has multiple options for the storage of the encrypted, erasure-encoded pieces of data uploaded to Storj. You can restrict data storage to a global distributed network of heterogeneous storage nodes, a subset of nodes restricted to specific geographic regions, nodes operated in SOC2 certified facilities, or even nodes operated on your own infrastructure.

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