Decentralized Backups

Automate Fast & Immutable Backups with Decentralization

Are you storing your backups in the cloud? Did you know that 93% of organizations suffer a significant data disaster with no recovery plan?  You may not realize it, but Storj is ideal for backups due to the nature of our decentralized network. Storj delivers incredible performance for hot backups, is extremely secure (we’ve never lost a file), with high multi-region availability—even better, it costs about the same as cold backups.

Better Costs & Economics

Storj lowers storage and egress costs by at least 80%, and significantly reduces TCO. There are no contracts to sign, so you pay for what you use, with multi-region distribution, and no exorbitant egress fees.

Performance & Availability

Files are downloaded on demand using multi-layered parallelism (pulling from multiple Nodes around the globe) which provides low latency, and higher throughput ensuring lower RTO and RPO.

Data Integrity & Immutability

Storj pushes access management to the client using macaroon-based API keys for added security. Pushing management to the edge eliminates the need for access control lists, increasing privacy and immutability.

Improve Redundancy & Resiliency.
Lower Costs & Complexity

See how backing up to the decentralized cloud can help you meet RPO/RTO objectives while dramatically reducing costs and complexity.

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Tesla Sentry & Dashcam Video Backup

Learn how to automatically backup Sentry Mode and Dashcam video straight from your Tesla to Storj, making room for more video recordings daily.

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Secure sharing with FileZilla & Storj DCS

Combining the FileZilla client and Storj delivers a great way to securely share large files, distribute software, updates, firmware, mobile apps, ROMs and much more. Read more about it in this blog.

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Trust the Data Science Webinar

See how Storj keeps your data secure and private while achieving 99.95% availability and 99.999999999% durability with enterprise-grade SLAs global network of Storage Nodes.

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