Durability and availability
without replication.

Storj reduces the risk of disasters, outages and threats by distributing data over a massive global network making it reliably available anywhere.
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Default Multi-Region.

Objects stored on Storj are automatically multi-region at no additional cost.
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Globally Distributed.

Your data is never in just one place, it’s stored all over the world.
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Better Performance.

Multi-threaded concurrent uploads and downloads up to multi-gigabit.
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High Availability.

99.95% availability via global distribution and self-healing architecture.

Erasure coding durability.

Storj provides 11 9’s of durability by segmenting files and spreading them across thousands of storage nodes so your data is always available.

Available and affordable.

Customers all over the world trust Storj for making their data available reliably from anywhere without the need for replication.
“Instead of having two copies at double the price, like in traditional cloud storage, decentralization brings a way to distribute my data across different nodes and to have the guarantee that all my data is available when I will need it at no additional price.”
Louis-Frederic Laszlo
VP Product Management, Atempo

Simple pricing.

Distributing data across tens of thousands of
underutilized storage nodes costs less and
eliminates the need for multi-region

Put Storj to the test.

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