Enterprise-grade Web3 storage is here.

Developers can now get all the benefits of Web3 without losing the ease of use of Web2. Storj is S3 compatible with performance that meets or exceeds hyperscalers, and comes with the incredible benefits of Web3 like better security, data privacy, and complete control over your data with better sustainability and costs less than Web2 storage.

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Web3 storage solves Web2 problems.

Brings costs in line with value.

As data generation increases, so have the costs to store it. Storj uses existing excess capacity instead of data centers. This makes costs much lower and they can stay that way into the future.

Data protection and privacy.

Storj is a zero-trust and zero-knowledge system. End-to-end encryption is available by default for data and metadata. This means end users can be confident their data won't be used without permission.

Put users in control of their data.

Delegated credential-level authorization puts you in control of your data. And you can even provide the access keys at the edge so that you are the only entity that can access it.

Web3 enables play-to-earn innovation with Storj.

Ultimate Division is a soccer simulation and card collecting game that lets players build their own squads to compete with other players to earn Ultimate Division Tokens (TKDS). The game is built on blockchain and embraces the importance of Web3 and decentralization to engage its target customers. Storj Web3 storage is utilized to store the game’s player cards.

“Our end users benefit from us choosing Storj in terms of security and transparency. They can be sure that we as a company cannot in any way harm them in terms of their data assets. They can also be sure that nothing can happen overnight to their possessions so they can stop caring about how the data are stored.”

Ruslan Azarov
Founder and CEO at Ultimate Division

“On any server we use Storj, we max out our network connection. I can download a 2 TiB snapshot in 30 minutes anywhere on the planet versus the 20 hours it was taking when pulling from S3.”

Christopher Fuka
Christopher Fuka
DevOps Manager atAnkr

The fastest way to spin up blockchain nodes.

Blockchain node syncing is slow and egress fees reduce value. Using our worldwide, decentralized network of nodes, your operator community can spin up and sync a mainnet node in minutes. And the cost to do this is 80% less than on AWS S3.

Using Storj is better for the planet.

According to IDC, by 2040, storing digital data will create 14 percent of the world’s emissions—around the same proportion as all carbon the US emits today. We don’t want that future. That’s why Storj has made it our mission to create a greener alternative to data center storage. Read the report to get a breakdown of how we do it.

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Web3 is decentralized.

At the heart of Web3 is the concept of decentralization. Storj is decentralized cloud storage where data uploaded to Storj is segmented, then sent to storage nodes distributed all over the world. That means global access without regional replication. Wondering how it all works? Click through to learn about Storj works and is helping Web2 companies make the transition to Web3.  

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