Let's Talk Storj DCS - Webinar

Decentralized Defense

Discover how decentralization defends against the top 5 security threats in our fourth installment of the Let’s Talk Storj DCS Webinar Series. COO, John Gleeson and Ingrum Jefferson, Security Systems Engineer, discuss how a shift in security focus across the SDLC is impacting development teams and the cloud storage solutions they choose.

We cover the top five most common threats, how you can improve the security of your cloud storage layer, and help lead the charge to a security-first development cycle through utilizing the inherent benefits of the decentralized cloud.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

- Insider Threats & Negligence
- Phishing
- Leaky buckets and cloud storage
- Hacking & Data Breaches
- Targeted Ransomware Attacks

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Learn how Storj DCS protects against the most common security threats.

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