June 2021 Development Update

June 3, 2021

Hello Everyone! We are heating up with Storj DCS post-launch activities! With our launch, we have seen many new users onboarding and utilizing Storj DCS for their data storage needs. Our product team is focused on gathering user feedback from these new users. Our engineering teams have been focused on resolving bugs, polishing functionality, and ensuring our services are stable and always available to uphold the SLAs we offer our customers. 

The week of May 17, we had a virtual all-company week! Our focus during the week was personal and workspace wellness, as well as an internal hackathon. We’ll be sharing some of the great projects our team built during this hackathon soon. 

Spotlight: Storj DCS Public Network Statistics

  • We’ve started publishing network statistics publicly on https://stats.storjshare.io/
  • These statistics are published in JSON format and updated every hour.
  • We’re doing this to bring more transparency and openness (two of our company values) about our network and our product to our community.
  • If you would like to see any other network statistics exposed, please let us know on this forum post. 

Other items: 

  • Fixing bugs that have been uncovered as well as polishing our developer experience. 
  • A few bugs with the object browser have been resolved already. 
  • We’ve started using perc coffee roaster beans for our espresso shots. We’ve found the taste and consistency to be very pleasant. We’re using these shots of espresso to optimize our performance and overall team velocity. That should translate into more features and better performance for our network and product in the coming months. 
  • For more information about smaller items we’ve completed last month, please check out these changelogs: v1.29.3 & v1.30.2.

Upcoming features from our product roadmap: 

  • Adding support for atomic server-side rename of a single object at a time. This will give customers the ability to rename an object without having to reupload it. 
  • Examining our customer payment methods and flow to improve our UX in the Satellite GUI. 
  • Improving the onboarding experience for new customers so they can upload their first object more easily and quickly after they create an account. 

Known issues: 

  • Customer download limits are not working exactly as intended. We’ve already merged a short-term fix, and a long-term fix is in progress. 
  • The Gateway MT download performance needs to be further optimized.
  • With the link-sharing service, we’ve observed performance issues on large file downloads. We’re working on resolving this issue, but in the meantime, if you run into this, you can use the libuplink, Uplink CLI or rclone to get great download performance on large files. 

We have a lot of new exciting news we can’t wait to share soon, so please stay tuned for our next product update!

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