January 2021 Product Update

January 18, 2022

Hello Everyone,

We hope you had a great New Year and a good bit of downtime during the holiday season. 2021 was a big year for Storj as we launched a brand new solution to store, stream and share data on the decentralized cloud -  Storj DCS!

Over the year, we’ve added lots of customer-requested functionality to the network – things like multipart upload, multi-region satellite,a multi-tenant s3 gateway, support for L2 payments via ZK Sync, and performance improvements that make Storj DCS arguably the fastest around.

Providing a great user experience led to substantial growth in both customers and network usage! We’re excited about what 2022 will bring.

Upcoming Features:

  • Enabling stable token deposit addresses and lowering processing fees for Node Operators paying in STORJ by removing any requirement for third-party payment processing.
  • Enabling quick and easy data copying via server-side copy implementation improvements.
  • Delivering more insights into your usage via new dashboards, including:
  • Project dashboard screen
  • All-projects dashboard screen
  • Bucket details screen
  • Object details screen (updates)
  • Adding support for zip files on the link-sharing service so you can traverse zip files you previously uploaded to the network without having to download them.
  • Adding a segment limit to projects so that you don’t accidentally upload an unexpectedly large number of segments.
  • For more information about smaller items we’ve completed in the last month, please look at our changelogs; v1.45.3, v1.46.3.

For More Information:

  • Check out the new dashboards or other features by signing in to your account.
  • Dive into our code or contribute by visiting our GitHub repository.

Reach out to us by emailing ask@storj.io or through our community forum.

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