Introducing Filebase to the Storj Community

Kevin Leffew
December 17, 2020

Today, we are excited to welcome a new partner to the Tardigrade Ecosystem: Filebase!

Filebase is a pure cloud managed offering—with no software to download or API keys to manage. Through Filebase, users will be able to upload data easily onto Tardigrade without running any software.

Reduce the complexity of using the Decentralized Cloud

Filebase is a multi-tenant, S3-compatible API service that enables Developers and Enterprises to interface with Tardigrade in much the same way as they would with AWS, without the need to self-host a Tardigrade Gateway. Filebase addresses the needs of SMBs and Enterprises by providing a unified platform and interface that makes it easy for developers and applications to access decentralized storage.

Filebase offers simple, flat pricing for decentralized cloud storage

Filebase offers a flat-rate low-cost price structure when compared to the complexities of billing with centralized cloud storage providers. Storing 1TB of data on Filebase costs only $15 per month, compared with about $23 for Amazon S3 before transfer fees. In addition, Filebase doesn't charge for egress or bandwidth, and allows you to download all of your data up to 3 times per month.

One storage bucket on the Filebase platform is equal to 3 regionally distributed buckets on a traditional cloud, such as AWS.

Fully Encrypted files with FIlebase and Tardigrade!

As part of the Filebase 2.0 release, Tardigrade is now featured as a direct integration for all new and existing Filebase users.

"Adding the Storj network to our platform further enhances our goal of scaling Filebase horizontally while helping to grow the decentralized storage ecosystem.'' said Joshua Noble, CEO and Co-founder of Filebase. "We're making it seamless for enterprises to onboard data to these cutting-edge Web3 storage networks using standard Web2 protocols."

Enjoy 1 TB to try, on us—for two months!

You can get started with Filebase and Tardigrade by signing up at and emailing to get 1 TB free for two months.

“We are delighted to partner with the Filebase team and look forward to working with them to evolve and mature the decentralized storage ecosystem. Our partnership enables our joint users to quickly and easily onramp their data onto our Tardigrade service and take advantage of the security, performance, and resiliency we offer.” said Ben Golub, CEO of Storj Labs.

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