Introducing Arq backup integration with Storj DCS

June 30, 2022

Regular backups are an important strategy that can protect against ransom extortion attacks. Backup software needs to quickly store and restore large volumes of data. We think Storj DCS is the perfect solution for fast, inexpensive, and encrypted backup storage—all at a fraction of the cost.

We’re excited to announce that Arq Backup now offers Storj DCS as a native storage location.
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Arq backup is Mac client software that makes it easy to back up to cloud storage providers. Arq backs up your files to a cloud account you already have, an attached disk, or both. Arq shines with their automation, scheduling and native integration with many third-party cloud providers—which now includes Storj DCS.

Files uploaded to Storj DCS are automatically encrypted, split into 80 or more pieces, and distributed to around 15,000 Storj nodes over the world.

Since there is no central point of failure, automated redundancy and 11 9s of durability, file loss is statistically unlikely. Automated file audit and repair continuously ‘watches’ and quickly restores all 80 pieces of any file, guaranteeing our SLA of 99.95% availability.

Storj DCS not only costs pennies on the dollar, but overall TCO is significantly lower than today’s hyperscalers. Plus, you’ll experience a faster download due to Storj DCS’s unique segment parallelism and edge delivery.

Decentralized cloud storage offers significant security, performance and economic benefits such as:

  • Built-in end-to-end encryption for data and metadata
  • Multi–layered parallelism for super-fast uploads and downloads
  • Automatic file redundancy, audit and repair
  • Significantly reduced cost and TCO

If you use Arq Backup, you can now use Storj DCS as your backup storage location. Get 25GB for free.
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