How Storj Removes the Storage Limits of Video Management and Collaboration Platforms

June 30, 2022

Video management and collaboration platforms are excellent at handling video review workflows and keeping video projects with lots of contributors moving. Where they lack is in storage capacity. Most platforms allow you to tap into your NAS or cloud storage provider, but neither option is holistically solving the problem of video storage that enables fast raw file sharing at a low cost.

Video producers from studios to agencies need a video storage solution that can help them meet tight deadlines without killing profit margins. That means finding an option that is fast for uploads and downloads no matter where in the world the requests are coming from. It also means keeping storage costs low and removing limitations from minimum storage terms or extra fees for downloading a file (also called egress). And most importantly, it needs to work with the video management and collaboration platform so creators and editors don’t need to learn a new system. Storj is the media storage solution that meets all of these requirements.

Why Storj Is the Best Video Storage Solution to Improve Video Collaboration

Storj is a distributed network of cloud storage that was designed to excel at handling large files like video. Instead of relying on centralized data centers, Storj utilizes unused capacity in computers and servers located throughout the world. Yet it is more secure than traditional cloud storage because it breaks up video files into many pieces and copies of those pieces, then sends them all over the world, fully encrypted. When a download request is made, Storj needs only a small portion of the pieces to reconstitute the file so it selects them from the storage locations that are closest to the user looking to download the file. That makes file sharing really fast—like 500MB/s to 2,500MB/s fast.

Zero trust security and global distribution is standard with Storj so there are no premium tiers or extra fees needed. But it’s the distributed network instead of data centers that makes the pricing so affordable. Video storage on the Storj network is 1/10th to 1/40th the cost of AWS. There are no minimum storage terms so you only pay for what you use. This makes Storj very cost-effective for temporary file sharing. Of course, the price is so low that once studios start using it through their video management and collaboration platform, they begin to see all the other use cases where Storj can save them money while improving productivity and collaboration.

Use Cases to Extend the Value of Your Video Management Platform

The first use case for Storj is typically to extend the storage capacity of the video management and collaboration platform for raw video file sharing and working on more large projects without hitting storage limits. The opportunities to use Storj for more projects quickly take shape.

Use Cases for Storj as a Complete Video Cloud Storage Solution

  1. Project file storage - extend the storage within the video management and collaboration platform for WIP video files so project files don’t need to be removed as soon as the project finishes. This also means there are no longer limits on scaling the volume of projects the studio takes on.
  2. Share raw video files outside of SAN - replace cloud storage or add this as a new capability to easily share large video files globally from within the video management and collaboration platform.
  3. Backup video storage - back up the files on your NAS so they will always be available and secure in case of malicious activity, power outages, or physical issues with the NAS itself. The cost is on par or lower than cold archival storage except files can be accessed at any time without incurring extra fees.
  4. Raw video storage - eventually, studios begin to see that Storj is consistently inexpensive at scale and that it can completely replace on-premises NAS or existing cloud storage. Studios can eliminate the headache of hardware and network maintenance and run their business using Storj as their media storage solution.

How to Add Storj to Your Video Collaboration Solution

If you’re using a video management and collaboration platform that connects with third-party storage, you can switch to Storj video cloud storage at any time. To do this, go into the storage settings within the platform and select Storj in the drop down list of possible media storage solutions. This will prompt you to enter your credentials. If you don’t yet have an account with Storj, you will be prompted to set that up. There is no tier or bucketed plan, you just pay for what you use.

If you don’t see Storj in the list, select “Other” or similar option and add in Storj by following the instructions. If your platform doesn’t have that option, just contact Storj and we will work with your vendor to make the connection and help you get set up.

Storj Is Unlocking the Full Potential of Video Collaboration

Video management and collaboration platforms shouldn’t be limiting studio and agency productivity. By adding Storj to your platform, the promises of better collaboration and improved productivity can be realized. But the best part is that this can be done while lowering storage costs. Storj puts the power of a global cloud network at your fingertips so you can share large video files without worry. What can your studio do with fast, low cost video sharing and storage?

Learn more about Storj for video sharing and storage from the webinar: The Trifecta of Video File Sharing & Storage

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