Get Edge-Based Compute, Security & Performance with Storj DCS + Fastly

John Gleeson
March 2, 2022

Deliver content lightning fast to your global users with Fastly and Storj. Storj DCS stores and shares data through a decentralized distributed network of geographically diverse Storage Nodes. Since data is stored across thousands of nodes it has greater availability making it more performant. There’s no need to mirror data between regions to assure CDN seed availability. Fastly users also benefit from Storj’s zero trust security to augment their environments.

Storj DCS offers two integrations with Fastly to push data closer to where customers consume it. Configure Storj buckets as the Web3 CDN content source or stream log files directly into Storj DCS for long-term storage. Both solutions use Storj DCS as the origin for content served by Fastly’s edge cloud network. This combination reduces costs and improves security, since all data on Storj DCS is protected with a multi-layered approach including encryption, zero trust architecture and no single point of failure— all at up to 80% the cost of S3.

Storj DCS’s edge-based security and performance combined with Fastly’s edge compute power and real-time control, seamlessly scale global video, media, and content delivery.

Using Storj DCS with Fastly for S3-compatible Origin

Configure your content source buckets on Storj and integrate them with Fastly. Here’s how.

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