December 2021 Storj Product Update

December 8, 2021

Hi and happy holidays everyone,

We’re busy like little elves, gnomes, trolls, sprites, fairies, goblins, or other sneaky mythical creatures trying to make both the Storj DCS experience, and Node Operator experience better. This has been an amazing year for us at Storj. We launched Storj DCS back in April and since then we’ve had an enthusiastic response from our community, our Node Operators, and our customers. We’re very excited to see what 2022 has in store for Storj and we’re so grateful you’re a part of the story.

Enable the decentralized future!

New Features

  • We’ve made updates to the Object Browser UX in the Satellite GUI so that users can look at buckets without having to enter their encryption passphrase in the web browser. This function is possible because bucket names are unencrypted, unlike objects. If a user wants to see what objects are in that bucket in the web browser then they used to have to enter their passphrase. 
  • We added the ability to force delete a bucket in the Satellite GUI. This action will delete all of the objects in the bucket you attempt to delete, even if you don’t have the encryption passphrase. 
  • We've updated the Satellite sidebar navigation to be more intuitive and removed the top bar navigation giving our users a cleaner UI and more screen real estate. Sign in to check it out!
  • We updated the free tier to be one project with 150 GB of storage and 150 GB of egress instead of three projects with 50 GB each. You can always upgrade to a pro account to get higher project, storage, and egress limits. Go Pro today! Sign up now.
  • For more information about smaller items we’ve completed in the last month, please look at our changelogs: v1.42.4, v1.43.1, v1.44.1.

Upcoming Features

  • Finishing up value attribution work for our partner program,  allowing us to track how much usage was referred to us by our partners. 
  • Removing the need for a third party to process STORJ Token payments, which will reduce the fees our customers pay when depositing STORJ Tokens into their accounts. 
  • Continuing to work on our server-side copy implementation so that customers can copy data easily and quickly on their Storj DCS accounts.
  • Creating a new project dashboard screen, an all-projects dashboard screen, bucket details screen, and updating the object details screen. These new screens will give our users more insights into their usage. 
  • Designing a new experience for the access page in the Satellite GUI so that users can more easily create the credentials they need.

For More Information: 

  • Dive into our code or contribute by visiting our GitHub repository.
  • Reach out to us by emailing or through our community forum.


The Storj Team

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