Building the Decentralized Future at ETHDenver

February 15, 2018

Storj Labs is a sponsor of the inaugural ETHDenver, a 36-hour hackathon with talks and workshops, on February 16-18. As sponsors, the Storj team will be working with hackathon participants and event attendees to support them in their race to build innovative and cool decentralized applications. 

Over the course of the hackathon, attendees will divide into teams to build decentralized applications, contribute to (or start) infrastructure-level projects, write documentation, tutorials, and whitepapers, and design UI/UX and infographics. 

We’re encouraging hackathon participants to build apps that utilize the Storj network, and will award $1,500 in STORJ tokens to the best Storj implementation. Every user who implements the Storj network will receive $10 in STORJ tokens, plus we’re giving $50 in STORJ tokens to those who write tutorials on their Storj implementation. 

To support the builders, Storj Labs Developer Evangelist Nadine Farah will give an overview on the Storj network and the API challenge. She will lead a 30-minute workshop on Using Storj for Data, which will take a look at the Storj platform and the libraries, on Saturday morning at 9:35 am. That afternoon at 2:35 pm, Nadine will also participate in a panel on Building a Decentralized Stack. 

We will be giving away lots of SWAG to event attendees. Also, watch out for Storj Labs Director of Content Jodi Smith, who will be interviewing attendees to learn how they are using the Storj libraries in their projects. 

ETHDenver’s purpose is to inspire people to contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem. The 500-person event is sold out, with another 500 people on the waitlist. Don’t despair—you can tune in online by signing up for the livestream on the ETHdenver home page. See you all in the Mile High City!

By Dan Sorensen 

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